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  • Aaron Diaz

    Aaron Diaz - light skinned male with glasses wearing blue hard hat and yellow vest.
    • My twin brother, Wesley, and I were born at Fort Hood (military base) where our hearing loss was detected at an early age. Our father served in the Army.
    • Wesley and I graduated from Texas School for the Deaf. We enrolled at 4th grade.
    • I work as solar installer with Axium Solar installing solar panels at solar farms and roofs. I am truly proud of what I do, and having started a family!
    • Often when I share with hearing people about my job they find it hard to believe that I work in solar energy!

    Axium Solar: Why we hire deaf employees

    Wesley Diaz

    Wesley Diaz - light skinned male with glasses smiling.
    • We have a younger sister who is hearing and an interpeter at Convo.
    • Aaron and I are 9th generation twins in our family! Guess what? We have switched classes before!
    • I work as teacher assistant at Texas School for the Deaf (elementary) and recently became assistant coach for High School Track and Field. I participated in Pan American Deaf Track and Field twice when I was younger.
    • When I started at TSD the students were at awe of me because I was the only male person of color (POC) working at elementary department.

    Texas School for the Deaf

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