Language Arts

  • Click here to see the unit on Charlotte's Web with teasers in ASL, worksheets, and activities. Technology integration and strategies are included for classroom use. 

    Click the image above to go to the unit which contains The Polar Express, Jumanji, Just a Dream, The Stranger, and The Widow's Broom

    Freckle Juice is an award-winning classic with ASL videos, worksheets, and activities for classroom use. 

    This video series, done in American Sign Language, contains seven of the Laura Numeroff "If You Give A ___" series. It includes videos and activities. 

    Mike Mulligan is a classic story that teachers have used for many years. This unit includes the story in ASL as well as worksheets and activities. 

    This is a unit created with ASL videos, activities and technology integration. 

    Number The Stars

    This unit covers the book, Number The Stars. It includes videos, worksheets, and various activities. 

    Sadako Book Cover

    This is the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. This unit includes videos in American Sign Language and Activities to enhance instruction.

    This is the story of Stellaluna as told in American Sign Language. This unit includes activities and worksheets. 

    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    This unit includes videos, worksheets, and activities designed for the Deaf Ed classroom. 

    To Kill A Mockingbird

    This unit was created with ASL videos, multilevel activities, and worksheets that are aligned with the TEKs. 

    This is the story of William "Dummy" Hoy. In this unit, there is an interview with the author and a video of the story in ASL. 

    Wonder book cover

    Wonder is the story of a young boy who has a facial malformation. Click here to see videos and links to portions of the story. 

    Wonderstruck is a unit developed with ASL videos as well as activities and worksheets for classroom teachers to use.