General Information

  • Hands & Voices answers the following common questions regarding Hearing Aids:

    • "What are the benefits of hearing aids?"
    • "What are the issues at the forefront of hearing aids?"
    • "What should ever parent or professional know about hearing aids?"
    • "Where else can I find information about hearing aids?"

    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association discusses Children and Hearing Aids which includes information that answers questions such as:

    • "When can a child be fit with hearing aids?"
    • "Who pays for children's hearing aids?"
    • "What kind of hearing aids are best for children?"
    • "What is the responsibility of the school district when it comes to a student's hearing aids?"

    Healthy Hearing explains some of the advanced technology features in hearing aids including;

    • Access to High-Frequency Information
    • Hearing Aid Noise Reduction Technologies
    • Binaural Processing
    • Streaming Accessories
    • Digital Modulation (DM) Radio Frequency (RF) Systems
    • Waterproof/Water Resistant

    How Do They Work?

    Texas Connect provides an explanation of "How Do Hearing Aids Work?". The following are a few sample questions addressed on their site:

    • "What kind of hearing aid does my child need?"
    • "What is the difference between the different technologies?"
    • "My child is so young…how do we know the hearing aids are providing what is needed?"

    Types of Hearing Aids

    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association provides information different types of hearing aids.


    Tips for Use

    Basic Tips for Infant Hearing Aid Use from Texas Connect answers common questions related to hearing aids, including:

    • "How do I know if my child's hearing aids are working properly?"
    • "How do I take care of the hearing aids?"
    • "How can I keep the hearing aids on my child?"

    Hearing Aid Choices is an explanation from My Baby's Hearing that addresses:

    • practical tips for helping a baby adjust to wearing hearing aids
    • ideas for preventing hearing aids from falling off
    • options for preventing or avoiding the loss of hearing aids
    • encouraging children to use their hearing aids on a regular basis

    Care and Troubleshooting

    Hearing Aid Care an explanation from Raising Deaf Kids, includes:

    • general hearing aid tips
    • earmolds
    • hearing aid tubing
    • why the hearing aid might make noises
    • what to do when the hearing aid doesn't work

    Care and Troubleshooting of Hearing Aids PDF from Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Metro in Minnesota includes information on:

    • watching out for: moisture; temperature; knocks, shocks, and sports; cosmetics; animals; and batteries
    • troubleshooting scenarios and tips

    Where Can I Donate Used Hearing Aids?

    Texas Lions Recycling Project accepts them! Please mail the used hearing aids to:

    2550 Flynt Avenue
    Midland, TX 79701