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TXDHH Learning Bites - New Resource

There is a new resource available that has been created by the Texas Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network called TxDHH Learning Bites.  It is a resource designed to help with Professional Development that can happen wherever you may be.  It was created to meet the needs of professionals seek to spend a few minutes of their time growing their knowledge base or who are already doing their own professional development outside of work hours, but have no way of documenting, or receiving credit for that work.  TxDHH Learning Bites will be a weekly publication that contains resources that can take as little as 1 minute to review, or provides opportunities to spend an extended amount of time learning about various topics that meet professional needs.  We hope you enjoy reading the TxDHH Learning Bites.  To access the TxDHH Learning Bites weekly update, click here!