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Texas School for the Deaf Hosts National Deaf Education Conference

NDEC Texas School for the Deaf Hosts National Deaf Education Conference Sponsored by National Association of the Deaf

375+ Deaf Educators Collaborate, Discuss Instructional Strategies

The Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) hosted a very important conference for educators, counselors and administrators in Deaf Education who came to network, share and learn best practices in education for deaf students today.

From primary/secondary private and public schools for the deaf, mainstream programs, colleges and universities across the nation, more than 375 educators attended the three-day event in Austin Texas, themed “Learn, Collaborate, Teach”.

Keynote speakers were John A. Serrano, Superintendent of Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, who spoke about the importance of family inclusion. Carlos Aponte-Salcedo, school administrator at Lexington School for the Deaf, emphasized recognizing multi-cultural values within a family. And performing artist, Rosa Lee Timm, focused on storytelling to understand each individual’s and family’s values and beliefs.

The nearly 40 workshops provided attendees a wealth of knowledge, including professional collaboration and partnerships in education, instructional strategies in effective language development, social justice issues and STEAM education.

TSD professionals shared highlights from some of the school’s most successful programs, such as TSD’s career exploration retreats for deaf mainstreamed students, the TSD Career and Technical Education department’s dual college credit programs, and the very popular TSD international studies program.

Claire Bugen, TSD Superintendent and presenter at the conference, was pleased with the large number of educators who attended the conference.

“This was a great opportunity for all of us to collaborate and share ideas so students ultimately benefit from the best quality education, Bugen said.

“One thing to recognize, and appreciate, is that we at TSD are part of a bigger system. As such, TSD’s success is largely attributable to community partnerships which are all important components that help to make up to a diverse and strong Deaf ecosystem that fuels TSD.”


Hosted by the National Association for the Deaf as part of its commitment to Deaf education, the annual National Deaf Education Conference for all educators in the field - teachers, administrators, family members, and other professionals from both mainstream programs and schools for the deaf - focuses on teaching practices and serves as a forum to discuss new ideas happening in classrooms. Visit


The Texas School for the Deaf is the oldest continuously operating public school in Texas. Educating deaf and hard of hearing students of Texas since 1856, the campus also provides outreach and educational resources for students, their families and professionals in the field throughout the state of Texas.  With educational excellence and a strong belief in a culture and community at TSD, students form a unique identity based on their individual strengths and talents. TSD is an environment where students learn, grow, and belong. For more information about the Texas School for the Deaf, visit