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Pilot Mentor Program: K-12 Educational Interpreters

TxDHH is piloting a mentor program for K-12 educational interpreters. The program will begin after October 1 and run through the end of the school year. Participants will be selected based on an application process.

If selected, a mentor who is either Advanced or Master level and has educational interpreting experience will be matched with you. You will work together virtually (online videos, audio, etc). Be prepared to submit a video of yourself for review and identification of areas where improvement can be made. Skills necessary include the ability to watch videos, video yourself, audio record yourself, and upload the videos in the format that will be selected. Technical support will not be provided by the mentors, so please ensure you have access to local assistance for issues uploading or downloading materials.

You will be expected to put in a couple of hours of work per week. A pre-test will determine your beginning "baseline." You will be expected to complete all forms requested and maintain a close connection with your mentor and the program.

There will be a forum set up for questions and discussion for those in the program. 

There are a limited number of spots available, so please get your applications turned in by August 13th. You will be notified if you were, or were not, selected as part of this pilot program. We hope with success, that we will be able to continue and expand this program.