Featured Individuals

  • Amita Srinivasan

    Amita Srinivasan - Indian woman smiling at the camera with her hands crossed.
    • Born deafblind due to CHARGE syndrome, was a mainstreamed student of Plano RDSPD and graduated as AP Scholar.
    • Attends the University of Texas at Austin, dual majoring in Psychology and Human Dimensions of Organization.
    • Served as Disability and Inclusion Agency Director (2018) and Academic Policy Director (2019) in the UT Student Government.
    • Passionate about leadership, accessibility, and advocacy, is the president of National Disability Rights Organization, Deafblind Citizens in Action and a member of the FCC Disability Advisory Commitee.

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    Brent Shiver, Ph.D.

    Brent Shiver - White male in suit.
    • Deaf since age two after contracting spinal meningitis.
    • Inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Georgia Chapter, in 2007 recognizing his accomplishments, including a stint at Northwestern University (1992-1996) and two Deaflympic gold medals (1997, 2001).
    • Works as a software engineer on the Accessibility Technology & Innovation team at IBM Design Program Office in Austin, Texas.
    • Enjoys volunteering at Texas School for the Deaf, including helping out with activities that promotes STEM principles, wrestling team and serving on the TSD Foundation Board.

    IBM Accessibilty Research


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